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Whether it's your way of working out stress, enjoying a day with friends or completing a business deal, we know the importance that a good round of golf can have on your life. And that's why Cypress Ridge Mens Club takes such pride in providing a complete club experience from the moment you arrive until you finish your scorecard. Come see the difference we offer.

Our club is famous for its unparalleled grounds and services including:

  • Three tees for the course
  • Men's, women's and kids' programs
  • Full-service Pro Shop
  • Expert instruction from PGA-certified personel
  • Club memberships

Induvidual Gross Net Jan. 15 White Tee Induvidual Scoring G/N

Red Tournament Feb. 19 Red Tee Induvidual Scoring G/N 

2 Man Best Ball Mar.12 Blue/White Tee Pick Your Partner

Individual Gross Net  April 9 

Blue Tee 2 Best Ball Net

Modified Stable ford  May. 21

 Blue/White Tee Induvidual Scoring G/N

U S Open Cypress Ridge Jun. 11 Blue/White Tee Induvidual Scoring G/N

Individual Gross Net July.23 White Tees Induvidual Scoring G/N

U Pick um Ind. Gross Net Aug. 13 

 Alt. Tees 4 Black/5 Blue/ 5 White/ 4 Red

4 Blind Draw Gross Net Sep. 10 Blue/White Tees Individual Scoring G/N

Mens Club Championship Oct.14/15 Blue Tee Individual Scoring G/N

Open House Nov.12 Blue/White Tees Induvidual Scoring G/N

Individual Gross Net Dec.10 White/Red Tees 2 Best Ball Net